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Neighborhood Develolpment Corporation of Grove Hall

NDCGH History
The The Neighborhood Development Corporation of Grove Hall (NDCGH) is the developer of the 2001 $13.5 million Grove Hall Mecca Mall. The Mall is home to the first supermarket in Grove Hall in over twenty years. The NDCGH was founded in 1984 when business and community leaders came together to create the organization to enable residents and business owners...more

Economic Development

To sustain entrepreneurship, we offer a variety of support services, a business environment and a wide array of programs and resources to create opportunities…more

Technology is the way into the 21st Century. We offer extensive services and technology education for our community. Classes are intended to teach basis skills necessary for becoming computer and Internet literate. Our M.O.M. Program is a parent/child…more

Is your Business a Business of EXCELLENCE?
One of the unique strengths of the Blue Hill Avenue Corridor is its cultural diversity. The Blue Hill International Avenue of Color is a new concept to speed up the revitalization of the Blue Hill Avenue Corridor from...more

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