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Organization Background & History

The Neighborhood Development Corporation of Grove Hall was founded in 1984 when business and community leaders came together to create the organization to enable residents and business owners to become involved in planning the redevelopment of the Blue Hill Avenue Corridor and the Grove Hall area. As a result of the organization’s comprehensive and inclusive approach to involving residents and business owners in the economic revitalization and rebuilding of their community, the Neighborhood Development Corporation of Grove Hall played a critically important role in shaping the redevelopment of the neighborhood by focusing on:

  • Organizing, educating and advocating on behalf of community residents for proposed changes in their neighborhood
  • Working with Community, Civic and Business leaders to renegotiate the development of affordable home ownership opportunities; and
  • Providing small business loans to local businesses to stimulate economic growth

Utilizing the momentum of these early victories, the NDC of Grove Hall purchased and developed affordable housing and commercial properties as the cornerstone of an inclusive, community-focused, economic renaissance. Since these early days, the NDC of Grove Hall has brought more than $50 million in economic development projects and programs to the Grove Hall area and has helped to create approximately 700 jobs to community residents in the process.

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