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Economic Development

Today, NDC of Grove Hall offers the following economic development strategies to fulfill its mission:

  1. Develop new or rehabilitate abandoned or under-utilized commercial and residential properties in its service area and make these properties available at affordable rates;
  2. Provide existing and potential businesses and home owners with the financial and personal counseling, education and information needed to acquire, maintain and improve home and/or business properties;
  3. Produce a quarterly newsletter; “Empowerment News,” to continue providing residents and businesses with information on proposed and current development projects, new activities being planned, and tips to help improve the quality of life in the community;
  4. Collaborate with community-based, nonprofit organizations, schools and faith-based institutions.

Projects of which the NDC of grove Hall are most proud of

  1. The development of a $13.5 million retail mall that opened in March 2001 in Grove Hall’s Mecca presents a unique opportunity to bring together the agency’s commercial and residential development, job creation and job placement programs in new ways to further stimulate the economic rebirth of the area.

Since 2003, the NDC of Grove Hall has created over 55 units of affordable home ownership opportunities, and several new business ownership opportunities as well.

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