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Grove Hall NDC provides economic, professional, and small business development programs for Grove Hall residents. We are committed to offering services tailored to our community.

Our Mission

Grove Hall NDC is committed to improving the quality of life for its residents and businesses of Grove Hall, North Dorchester, and Roxbury by enhancing the economic, social, and environmental conditions.

Background and History


The Neighborhood Development Corporation of Grove Hall (Grove Hall NDC) was founded in 1984 when business and community leaders came together to create the organization and to enable residents and business owners to become involved in planning the redevelopment of the Blue Hill Avenue Corrider and the Grove Hall area. As a result of the organization's comprehensive and inclusive approach to involving residents and business owners in the economic revitalization and rebuilding of their community, the NDCGH played a critically important role in shaping the redevelopment of the neighborhood by focusing on: 

  • Organizing, education, and advocation on behalf of community residents for proposed changes in their neighborhood

  • Working with Community, Civic, and Business leaders to renegotiate the development of affordable home owndership opportunities; and

  • Providing small business loans to local businesses to stimulate economic growth

Utilizing the momentum of these early victories, the Grove Hall NDC purchased and developed affordable housing and commercial properties as the cornerstone of an inclusive, community-focused, economic renaissance. Since these early days, the Grove Hall NDC has brought more than $50 million in economic development projects and programs to the Grove Hall area and has helped to create approximately 700 jobs to community residents in the process. 



and Activities

Grove Hall NDC ​is the developer of the 2001 $13.5 million Grove Hall Mecca Mall. The Mall is home to the first supermarket in over twenty years. Grove Hall NDC has also helped to create approximately 470 jobs for the community residents and attracted more than $21 million in economic development projects and programs to the Grove Hall area. 

Other agency highlights include:

  • 1988: Completed a $1.2 million rehabilitation project, providing 12 units of affordable housing and four commercial unites in Grove Hall

  • 1988: Sponsored the development of 48 units of Veterans Housing: Hartford Manor and the VBC Apartments 

  • 1989: Recruited the first full service bank to return to Grove Hall 

  • 1993-1994: Assisted the City of Boston in a $430,000 capital improvement project along Blue Hill Avenue

  • 1998: Assisted Grove Hall businesses in obtaining over $180,000 in funding to improve storefront facades

  • 1999: Successfully brought the Main Streets concept to Grove Hall 

  • Has provided leadership development and organizing assistance to the Blue Hill Task Force since 1994

  • Developer of millions of dollars in housing for first-time home buyers and co-sponsor of 72 units of affordable rental housing

  • Coordinates and facilitates ongoing workshops to inform residents and business owners of future development activities and opportunities in the Grove Hall area 



Consumer Alert:


The IRS warns taxpayers to be on the alert for e-mails and phone calls they may receive that claim to come from the IRS or another federal agency and which mention their tax refnd or economic stimulus payment. These are almost certainly a scam whose purpose is to obtain personal and financial information - such as name, Social Security Number, bank account and credit card or even PIN numbers - from taxpayers that can be used by the scammers to commit identity theft.


The e-mails and calls usually state that the IRS needs the information to process a refund or stimulus payment or deposit it into the taxpayer's bank account. The e-mails often contain links or attachments to what appears to be the IRS website or an IRS "refund application form." However genuine in appearance, these phonies are designed to elicit the information the scammers are looking for.

The IRS does not send taxpayers e-mails about their tax accounts. Additionally the way to get a refund or stimulus payment, or to arrange for a direct deposit, is to file a tax return. 


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